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We provide personalized and effective digital marketing solutions to boost your business goals and sales.


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Get end-to-end SEM services for search, display & social media networks that drive results and give you the winning edge.


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With innovation and extensive experience, we develop cutting edge digital solutions that match with modern digital marketing challenges.

Our expertise utilizes their subjective knowledge & top-notched techniques to boost the business and unlock their potential to fullest.


We are patient enough to understand the unique needs of your business and marketing problems in detail to outline complete personalized digital solution. We put extravagant efforts to understand your target audience & potential customers so that you could get the best channels for communicating your brand story.

Experienced Team

Our handpicked team of experienced digital marketing professionals strives for perfection

Return On Investment

Our digital marketing experts utilize their best skills and our pioneered technologies to optimize the results for the best possible returns.e

Tracking & Reporting

Our regular performance reports let you closely monitor the progress of your online marketing campaigns, allowing you to

Customer Satisfaction

As a customer-centric agency, Organic SEO Cloud intends to position itself as a quality-focused agency with maximum Customer satisfaction as its primary business

No Contracts

We have no locking periods. Our clients have the liberty to upgrade, downgrade, or cancel our services at any point in time.

Competitive Pricing

Organic Search Solutions offers clear and competitive pricing for results-oriented and profit-driven Internet marketing services.


Learn how we helped our clients to achieve their marketing goals.


At Brand Tree, we understand the immediate need for start-ups to attract clients and quickly generate sales in order to expand their business. This is why we provide the best digital marketing strategies to help create awareness for business brands. We have over 10+ years’ experience of providing the best solutions for start-ups across different industries..


Brand Tree is mostly concerned with ensuring your website or app rank highly on Search Engine Result Pages. We help businesses achieve their set goals and target by providing them with the best digital marketing services needed. Our team of highly trained digital experts combine the best tools to make your site rank in the top 10 SERPs.


We have the best value for services provided in Bangalore. Through our AI-driven digital marketing services, we help businesses achieve their desired result at a very affordable price. Whether your business is only a start-up, SME or MNC, we provide the best solutions to help generate traffic through highly competitive keywords and boost your overall leads and sales.


360-degree approach is all about turning in on a broad and encompassing view of your marketing campaigns to reach out to customers at all possible points of contacts. Putting together such a plan is important because it helps you maximize and widen your chances of finding new prospects and thereby engaging them in a wide variety of ways.


SEO is an approach of optimizing your website to obtain unpaid or organic traffic to the site through the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). SEO is a mandatory marketing tactic if you want your site to rank or be found on search engines. It would include you to satisfy many aspects like the speed of your page, a convenient website, optimised content, your URL structure, UX/UI (user experience), targeting the right keywords and a lot more. Although, SEO has a number of factors and elements to itself, with our robust services, we help you get the best of the results organically and you are in for a lot of opportunities and prospects.


Sooner or later, every marketer discovers the usage of social media platforms for their business. The central aim of social media marketing is to reach the right audience and help them stay engaged while parallelly promoting the desired culture of your brand in order to turn in more prospects and sales. While you are it, you are making yourself visible as a brand, creating awareness of your brand, and establishing your stand in your community. All this, at a minimal wage, worth a shot, isn’t it? Stay connected to your market while you expand your business.


 Search Engine Marketing that is alternatively referred to as paid search or pay per click (PPC) is considered a part of search marketing that involves paid tactics (non-organic) to increase visibility and drive traffic and people of interest to your brand. A paid SEM strategy could include activities of setting, scheduling, acting on bidding recommendations, and optimizing ads parallel to deciding a budget that pays for the placement of advertisements. And with our performance driven Search Engine Marketing services you can accelerate your growth and business revenue.


Email marketing has been around for a long time and continues to play its significant magic for all of us. It is, according to us our marketing strategy laying on the basis sending emails and a way of developing relationships with customers, leads, current and past customers and even prospects. It provides you with the chance of getting in touch with your prospects, personally, via their inbox at a time convenient for them. You could be presentable in front of them with your amazing new offers, new campaigns and much more while they feel connected to you and your brand. And, of course, we are here to make them campaigns work out for you.


The purpose of your website is to make yourself and your objectives or missions, or could be even your products and services, visible to the world around you. Our Web Design’s main criteria is to promote user experience. We want potential customers to come to your website, spend some time to read through what you have to offer to them and then make a decision based on their liking. But if your website is not appealing, will they look? They are going to pull a pass on you. We don’t want that. What we want is to represent you well, for your website to stand out amongst your competition while not losing the sight of why we are doing this- business growth.


 While web designing is a critical component and one of the easiest ways to land early contracts off your promotional campaigns, it is still only a part of your overall digital marketing plan. Web development includes the building, website publishing, database management, web programming, and maintaining of your website. It is one of the most useful tactics to create a great user experience, a platform for authentic advertising all while providing credibility to you as a business. We are here to help you by building you top-notch websites and web applications.


How do we go about with the strategy building process? This is how:

Identifying customers is one of the preliminary and key steps we take before we go on with advertising your brand and its services. Without having an aim of an audience, it is hard to gain the clarity of your doings. We put efforts into knowing your target market because when we know your target, you end up saving a lot of time as well as money. Advertising at random could lead to random results for the same proportion of efforts that you in to both, identified and non-identified customers. That doesn’t make any good sense, does it? It must be cost-effective too and that is what we are on the lookout for.

Now that we know your target market, we want to study the identities of your customers. We now know that your audience is interested in you, but what do they expect out of you? We are here to figure that out. It is important we know what they need because they lead us to more leads and more business while parallelly developing strong customer relationships and even new leads through mouth-to-mouth recommendation. Identifying what your customers need is a way to their satisfaction and loyalty towards your brand. And to recognize their behaviours and needs, we do keyword research, conduct various focus groups and listen to your customers or read their social media.

What is your brand objective?

In the quest of satisfying your customers, we don’t lose sight of what you are in for the first place. All businesses, start-ups, SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises), start off with wanting to achieve an objective. It could be big or small but in the end it defines the techniques your organisation uses to achieve your aspirations- be it achieving customer service standards, branding opportunities or achieving sales success. We want to know what your objective is and work accordingly to provide you our best service.

Now we have received all the insights to your brands’ products and services and we also know your type of audience. It’s time for setting goals. You can aim big, that’s what drives you for doing this in the first place, but the small milestones are what that matters to get there. We use our expertise knowledge and gauge what it would take you to reach these milestones and set them accordingly. It could be your first 10k reach or could even be your first advertisement campaign. We are here, we have your back and are here to make sure we reach those goals in order to grow.

Allocating resources.

We allocate the resources for every project because as you know it is very important since it gives us a picture on the amount of work that has to be done and consequently divides the load over a bunch of expertise. We agree on a common approach to prioritize work across shared resources, understand and focus on the resources that are short on supply and provide you with all the support you need. By doing this, it helps us to plan and schedule ahead and provides you with an insight to the team’s progress. Not only does this save time but also gives room to planning your next step.

Execution must be one of the most exciting steps to take. Developing a strategic plan for you is vital for your brand’s success. But we are of the opinion that being able to execute this strategy, is what it all comes down to. After identifying your overall goals and opportunities, and breaking down these solutions and strategies into tactics, we push you to bring the best out of yourself. Our strategy-to-execution process provides you with a structured approach to communicate, clarify, implement and manage the doings of the strategy. The goal of this execution process is to ensure that your organization has its focus set on developing high, valued capabilities and optimize the value of your investments. Afterall, execution is the key to the game.

Now that we have completed the cycle of designing, constructing and executing a plan, it’s time for the analysis. We find it essential to carry out an analysis to formulate the plan for making decisions and to make certain the smooth work or progress of the campaign. Analysing this, helps us locate faulty issues (if any) and rectify them, then and there. It also helps us understand if we could better a particular part of a strategy in order to drive more profit with the same amount of resources. We believe that at the end of the day, there is so much for us to learn and improvise and analysis of the project certainly helps/gives an opportunity for you and us to grow along. 



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faq on digital marketing
Why does my Business Needs Digital Marketing ?
Digital marketing is the component of online marketing that utilizes the internet, mobile devices, digital devices, social media, search engines, and other digital channels to promote business and to reach potential customers.
What are the benefits of hiring a digital marketing agency?
Hiring a digital marketing agency in Bangalore gives you the chance to stay on top of the latest trends. These agencies are equipped with special tools that help them monitor (and provide solutions to) constantly changing tactics, search algorithm updates, strategies and trends. Trying to do these by yourself will only give you a limited knowledge of what’s trending as you might be unable to have time and resources to monitor a long list of strategies and trends across different aspects of digital marketing.
How to choose the perfect Agency for my Digital marketing Needs.
It is very important to understand the goals you want to achieve in your business. This will help you in choosing the right agency that provides services matching your needs and specialization. Informing the agency about your goals will also help them in deciding whether they can help you accomplish those goals or not.

List of previous clients

Top agencies are usually proud of their work (who they work with and the services they provide). Therefore, it is expected that you easily see a portfolio of their previous partnerships. Inability to see examples of their work might suggest that they are rookies or that they don’t provide the best services.

Specialised and well-trained team members

Check through their “About” page and see if they have existing list of team members. It is necessary to ensure that the chosen agency has suitable team members that matches your needs.

Social status and reputation

Reading reviews and comments made by previous clients should help guide you in choosing an agency. Doing these will give you an added insight into what the agency you intend to hire looks like, and also their mode of operation.

Ease of reach and access

A top agency will make it relatively easy to get in touch with them. It should be very easy to access their contact information on their website.