All That You Need To Know About Social Media Marketing

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November 23, 2020

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What comes first to your mind when you think about expanding your business? One of it has to be the reach; Where and how much you want your business to grow. Social Media Marketing otherwise SMM is a simple technique of building a brand, driving website traffic or advancing sales through social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and many more. With the given situation of the pandemic, SMM has to be one of the most strategic ways of building your company as it improves brand awareness in the most effective ways.


SMM is a way of marketing a company’s products or services. Its central plan is to reach the right audience by generating personalized content for the company’s subject of promotion. It helps the viewers stay interested, engaged while parallelly promoting the desired culture, generating more leads, and improving customer engagement. This act of carrying out a strategic plan helps increase the chances of buying goods or services provided by the respected organisation or company. By instrumenting a complete strategic plan, we yield out most of what we are trying to perpetrate.

SMM helps improve brand loyalty and awareness. Using social media or social media platforms is one of the easiest ways a business can use to reach customers. This type of usage sets us apart from our competition by showing our audience that our brand is different and reinforces care demonstrated by the brand to its customers.

ITS PURPOSE : One of the main purposes of incorporating social media into marketing is as a tool that makes businesses accessible to those who might be interested in their services and visible to those who do not know their benefits. It creates buzz and targets customers. Companies make use of platforms like Facebook, Twitter to reach out to a much wider audience than through TV or radio advertisements as social networking sites provides yield though little or no cost at all.

This way of marketing has changed the approach of companies with the customers as a substantial number of them have carried out interactions over online platforms with higher visibility. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ have registered to the fastest growth and have changed ways of conduct in which consumers engage with the brand. While Twitter has an interaction rate of 0.3%, Instagram follows onto an interaction rate with 1.46%. Unlike traditional media, a social media strategy does not require a rocket budgeting.


Unavoidably, sooner or later, every marketer discovers the usage of social media to showcase their business. The significant benefit of Social Media Marketing has to be its low cost. It helps create awareness of the brand in more comfortable, subtle ways also by making sure the message is reached all while staying in budget grounds. While there are programs that let you target a bigger audience for a reasonable price, it comes along being worth the effort. Social Media Marketing has to be one of the most effective ways of marketing.


1. SOCIAL BLOGGING : Blogs are platforms where consumers share reviews and recommendations of products or services. This way of marketing helps business to tap on customer voices and feedback that is generated. It is a way of organizing content in the form of posts and categories which are presented in reverse chronological order. The latest blog you post tops the pile. Most customers tend to read reviews over the product/service before thinking of buying it. Social blogging helps an excellent deal to tingle the customers into having to buy whatever you’re offering.

2. VIDEO SHARING SITES: Some customers are on the outlook for visual appeal. It is what meets the eye. It is a component of the marketing communications plan designed to increase online engagement. The duration of time people spent on a website increases by nearly 90 per cent when it narrows down to the visual representation of the product via videos. Videos report good results concerning engagement, i.e. it generates more likes, comments and shares compared to other types of content. A visual to the eye helps remember.

3. SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES: Sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are presently the most widely used social networking sites. These sites allow business or organizations to build brand, communities and relationships with the customers. They also enable retweeting, reposting, which directly helps the organizations. The more the message being put out there is being repeated, the more traffic is brought to the company.

4. SOCIAL COMMUNITY & DISCUSSION SITES: Web forums like Quora, Reddit serve as communicational hubs for people. These sites help gather information, opinions and others’ perspectives on subjects like a brand’s product or service, thereby creating a considerable influence on each other over the development. Media networking has turned out to be one of the riskiest yet effective ways of the broadcasting brand for businesses.


Social media is a powerful platform. It is vital to use such media which are commonly used by customers to reach out to the target audience at a reasonable rate. A brand on social networks can make most out of these consumers’ habits and generate important potential leads. There is nothing better than promoting or growing your business through social media marketing sites where users spend a considerable duration of their time day in and day out. After all, a reliable connection with the audience will lead to more loyal customers and leave your competition far behind. It would be best if you didn’t forget, having a unique and vast approach is what gets customers to think.

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