Compay Name : RailsCarma
Date : March 2020
This client specializes in crafting solutions for entrepreneurs, large organizations, agencies and start-ups. They help clients in maximizing the profits from their IT investments by combining a blend of ingenuous expertise, system prowess, and cloud compatibility.


The Client contacted us to help them improve their online presence in the USA and UK. In addition, they requested that we help them improve their sales and leads.

To improve sales and leads, it invariably implies that we have to provide a service that will make the company’s site rank higher on the internet, thus generating more traffic to the site. Subsequently, with more traffic being generated to the site and higher ranking, potential customers that have long been unreached will be easily reached.

Proposed Solutions

As an agency that majors in providing contemporary digital marketing transformation for companies, our top rated experts implemented different digital marketing strategies in ensuring that our client’s online presence and visibility in the USA and UK is significantly boosted. This was achieved using strategies such as Local Listing, Search Engine Optimization, Keywords, Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Marketing to ensure that they are successful from the core.

Their requirement involves ranking the same address (URL) in different, multiple locations which proved a bit challenging. However, our distinguished experts achieved this by promoting the domain ranking with the use of Local Listing to leverage their local presence. In addition to SMM, SEO and SEM, efficient link building techniques such as Keyword were used. Example of such keyword is “Ruby on Rails Development Company”.

Technolies Used

  • WordPress(CMS.
  • CSS3 and HTML5
  • php
  • mysql
  • javascript, jQuery,
  • Bootstrap
  • The Results

    With the efficient techniques used, we helped them boost their traffic and sales in the USA and UK countries and also improve their Page and Domain Authority. All these also helped in ranking them at the top position.


    Increase In Productivty


    Increase IN Sales


    Decrease in Meetings


    Decrease in Emails

    “With their innovative approach, it helped us to boost our online sales and rankings. .”


    CEO, Railscarma

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