10 Amazing Benefits of Ai Powered Digital Marketing

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November 18, 2020

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been playing a significant role in the area of Digital Marketing. A survey conducted by Salesforce indicated that nearly 51% of the marketers already use AI, as of the year 2018. Its main aim is to construct machines that enhance logical operations and help laypeople in cognitive ways to promote Digital Marketing.

Here are 10 Amazing Benefits of Digital Marketing solutions powered by AI:

The COVID 19 has compelled digital marketers to incorporate ideas that click within seconds. The most serious change can be seen in communication as well as marketing strategies. It has become crucial to shift to new methods for high ROI. Let’s have a look at some of the promising digital marketing trends in Covid-19.

1. BASIC AID : AI provides marketers with an in-depth knowledge of clients and consumers. Digital marketing run by AI have its processes automated, based on the instructions provided. It, therefore, increases the levels of productivity, and saves time. Marketers using AI offers a quick fix to rectify marketing campaigns and help develop personalised content.

2. FUNCTIONING : AI collects user data, analyses it, and predicts future behaviour. The given information helps brands target advertisements according to user preferences and keep them interested and engaged.

3. ROLE OF AI IN ROI : EI (Emotional Intelligence) that the AI carries, helps with content curation leading to the increase in ROI (Return on Investment) and helping reach the right content to the right people. Emotion AI is the term for machines replicating the way humans think. It provides an efficient figure for ROI thereby increasing the number in sales, engagement and reduce absenteeism.

4. USER EXPERIENCE : AI enhances user experience. Well, we all influence blooming trends. AI helps analyse the users’ center of attention and recommends services or products circling only in and around that point of interest. When we push the content, our users are interested in, it instinctively builds their minds around it. Hence, if people have good user experience, they are more likely to buy services or products. For example;

  • ‘People also ask’ section in Google search results.
  • ‘People also buy’ section on sites like Amazon.
  • ‘Because you watched’ section in media service providers like Netflix.

5. EMAIL MARKETING : Brands use AI to develop email marketing campaigns based on user behaviour. It takes a guess out of the timing of our email, follows up, and retarget by analysing users’ browsing preferences and habits. AI makes it possible to stitch tailor-made emails to individual subscribers and tickle their fancy into paying attention to the email thereby increasing the possibility of more views and clicks to whichever campaign it is we are trying to embark on. Who wouldn’t want to have a little enlightenment amidst the busy days by reading the attention swirling content you bring on?

6. MACHINE LEARNING : AI uses a method called Machine Learning. It is the application or subset of AI that provides the system with the ability to involuntarily learn from the surroundings and apply this learning to make better judgements and decisions. It analyses millions of data about the user to then determine the best time and days of the week to contact the user, to know what content attracts the user the most and which subject generates more clicks. It helps enhance the users’ browse and hence envelopes only within what is of interest to them.

7. WEB DESIGN : AI also plays a role in designing websites that are based on user-provided information like texts, calls, e-mails, etc. AI for the development of websites have been in practice for several years. It has changed our attitude towards the approach of a natural help/service provider. By the implementation of AI on websites, it helps show the users the content that is designed for them and suggests the content based on their previous behaviours. Not to forget, one of the best developments and one of the fastest-growing trends has been voice search optimization which makes it easier for the users since they are not usually exposed to desktop computers.

8. CONVERSATINAL AGENTS : AI has made its way to Chatbots! They are the software applications that mimic the human speech to bring about an interaction or a conversation with a real person. They are answerable to open questions. They make themselves extremely commendable by serving clients 24/7, by retaining the data, staying friends and never losing their patience hereby helping several users with their several requests at the same time, without having the user to wait!

9. RIGHT AUDIENCE : AI fetches all types of data and information from several individual subscribers and streamlines their areas of interest. It then identifies customers with potential and shows them relevant content at the most effective and needful times. By serving relatable content continuously, it helps serve the purpose of our social media campaigns, direct marketing procedures, and much more.

10. INFLUENCE : AI has a huge impact on our current digital era. It is now accessible to all of us. AI helps a great deal to check on the requirement of the products/services and helps narrow down its way to suggest ‘what, when, and why’ to ‘whom’. Its optimistic impact that sways others and its price being affordable than before has majorly brought about changes to us providers who implement AI. The benefit has been carried out to the most by both small and big companies from the intuition and automation options provided by it.

But why is it necessary?

AI helps businesses increase sales, sense fraud and provides the best strategies to pull out a perfect execution of the message we are trying to convey. Implementation of AI is important because it enables human capabilities of understanding, planning, and helps an enormous deal in projecting the most effective ways to a successful labour. Well, who doesn’t what to make the most out of this amazing technology?

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