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October 12, 2020

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Any digital marketing agency driven by Artificial Intelligence generally performs better than their regular counterparts. This is because adopting this innovation helps in expanding the overall customer base (for new and existing customers) and also in generating improved, quality leads. These agencies have experts trained in how AI works and therefore they help them manage their AI needs appropriately.

They help create a secure and reliable system that works on various customer data which first ensures protection of clients’ personal information and business transactional details while also creating a platform that allows for overall maximum customer satisfaction and all-round enjoyable experience.


Programmatic marketing and advertising is the act of using Artificial Intelligence as an advanced marketing strategy to automate online ads such that it targets specific end users. This automation creates a real-time bidding process which helps in making purchases of ad inventory specifically for marketers.

This invariably allows marketers to target specific users when advertising their products by ensuring personalization at a large scale across different partners and media channels, thus, resulting in producing some very effective and hyper-targeted ads.

Another benefit of programmatic marketing technology is how it helps marketers in reaching their customers at important moments through automation and creation of intelligent ad-system generated from customer contents.


The process is simple. Once a user visits a webpage which has programmatic-enabled advertising space, an auction for ad-impression is put up by the page publisher in an ad marketplace. The ad marketplace is a section where auctions are being run among marketers interested in displaying customer-specific ads to customers that click on that specified page.

It is not unusual to have my marketers competing for the auction, however, the one with the highest bid wins the auction and subsequently have their ad shown to the customer when the page is loaded.

Since the auction and selection process is fully automated and a page fully loads in milliseconds, the maximum price each marketer is willing to pay when bidding for impressions would have already been pre-programmed.


The current COVID-19 pandemic which resulted in a new lifestyle of staying at home as a safety precautionary measure to avoid contracting the deadly virus has been on for the most part of the year in most countries all over the globe.

The pandemic and the resulting effects have significantly impacted on e-commerce companies. For most companies with effective digital marketing strategy, it has yielded a more demand for virtual and online shopping which has led to a massive surge in the growth of those ecommerce companies and businesses worldwide.

“According to a study conducted by the US-based Digital Commerce 360, online spending among U.S. retailers grew by 30.1% with $60.42 billion – year-over-year for the first six months of 2020 to reach a total of $347.26B. From 2018 to 2019, E-commerce sales have grown by 12.7%.”

The local native language opens the window for more opportunities. The influencer’s of a particular area will make them understand the importance of a service or product in a better way.

Ecommerce companies with the help of digital marketing strategies have profited the most by taking advantage of the social distancing and health measures put in place by most governments which limits people from gathering in crowded places such as shops and groceries stores.

With the use of digital marketing tools and customer data, ecommerce companies now have a spike in online presence traffic and sales. Moving forward, there is a likely chance that ecommerce companies will keep thriving post-pandemic as people would have seen the benefits in shopping online and would not likely see a need to stop. There is no better time than now for companies across the world to adopt digital marketing strategies in ensuring they don’t get left out of the fast growing trend.


There are numerous ways digital marketing can boost the sales and financial conditions of many companies. Thanks to the evolution of modern day technology, digital marketing tools and strategies has now made it very possible and relatively easy for small, medium and large scale businesses to thrive, survive and compete with their other counterparts while recording exponential business growths. Below are a few ways in which companies can improve their financial conditions by leveraging on digital marketing strategies:

Small companies adopting digital marketing strategies to attract traffic to their sites thus enabling them make sales that were in times past available to only big companies.

  • By using digital marketing, a better and more cost-effective option is made possible for businesses having little resources and minimal capital.
  • Using digital marketing to improve interaction with customers thus giving them a good customer experience and ensuring they come back for more.
  • Using digital service to enhance brand reputation by making them know about your brand and products and delivering on those promises. This will only make the customers come back for more products.

By adopting proper digital marketing strategies, a company (no matter how small) stand to gain more revenues and improved Return on Investments when compared to traditional companies. Digital marketing helps in converting generated traffic into more leads and sales which directly impacts the financial conditions of any company.

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